Small businesses have an easy choice when it comes to developing an online marketing campaign : Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. By developing and deploying advanced SEO strategies, a business can position itself in search engine results and be found by customers at a critical juncture : precisely when buyers do online searches just before they get ready to make a purchase.

When consumers are doing online research before buying goods or services, they use a search engine to look up descriptions of goods or services (which we call key words) that consumers anticipate buying. Sometimes, consumers will append the name of their neighborhood or city in their search, to create a list of local businesses to research. Other times, consumers will search business names to check the online reputation of a company before consumers will do business with a company. Open Wave Digital can provide you with advanced SEO strategies to help consumers find your business when they are getting ready to buy goods and services.

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Advanced SEO strategies are the perfect marketing tool for small businesses. In most instances, being found by customers in search engine results would not require a small business to have to spend extra money, provided that their website was optimized for key words at the time when the website was launched. The only exception to having to pay extra for advanced SEO strategies is when a business is launching a new good or service or for a special promotional campaign.

Over time, good SEO work will help generate consistent organic traffic to your website, resulting in more business and higher user engagement.

The main alternative to deploying advanced SEO strategies is buying display ads through a pay-per-click advertising company. However, pay-per-click ads only create temporary traffic, if any, and that temporary traffic will end once a business exhausts its pay-per-click budget. Plus, we know that pay-per-click ads turn-off consumers, because more and more consumers dislike having pay-per-click ads follow them around the Internet. Although pay-per-click ads are marketed as low-cost, there are many questions about their effectiveness and performance. It has been reported that very large businesses are moving away from using pay-per-click ads, because of questions about integrity and transparency.

Open Wave Digital believes in empowering our clients. By developing and deploying advanced SEO strategies for your website, you will be able to review the performance of your SEO strategies by reading your website traffic statistics, information that you should always be able to access yourself.

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