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On The Importance of Mobile First Web sites

Nowadays websites are built using "mobile first" technology, which means that the developer makes your website with mobile users in mind. A quick glance at some of your favorite websites might reveal that they don't really adapt well for mobile usage.

This is unfortunate because over 71% of time spent surfing the internet is done on mobile devices!

See the stats:
time spend on mobile devices

(For a larger report on Mobile Internet Trends in 2017, click here.)

The cost of not having a mobile responsive website means that potential new users or customers might get turned off. As more and more people move to mobile as their primary method for browsing the web, a mobile responsive website becomes more important than ever.

Mobile-first technology is relatively new. That means that websites built in the 2000's may not be utilizing it (even some newer sites are not mobile responsive - sometimes this is intentional but it can also be due to a developer oversight.). Today, many web developers are using special frameworks to make coding a mobile-first website easier faster and easier. Platforms like WordPress have themes that do this automatically in a user-friendly way. Twitter's framework Bootstrap has built-in mobile responsive features that are enormously popular in the web development community.

At the end of the day, businesses, artists and others looking to develop a web presence need to consider what their website will look like on a mobile device. Doing so will help your visitors take your website more seriously and not get distracted by poor design features. An added bonus is that having a mobile responsive website will score you points with search engines since Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2016.

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