About Us

Open Wave Digital is a digital communications co-op dedicated to open source software, transparency and empowering our clients. You have a right to have complete control over your data and, when you work with us, your data is yours.

We specialize in website design and development, hosting, advanced SEO strategies, online marketing, and cloud storage. Open Wave Digital has a variety of other services available depending on your need - from database management to GIS and webmapping.

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Our Team

Michael Synan

Michael has over a decade of experience developing websites, using open-source software, and administering web and email servers. He recieved a Master's Degree in Urban Studies and specizlized in GIS and spatial data.

Louis Flores

Louis has been a webmaster and consultant for over a decade. He specializes in Python and SEO consultation. Louis is also founder of Progress Queens, the government transparancy news website.